God of Carnage

How civilized, to meet with the parents of the boy whose teeth your son knocked out. How uncivilized, however, to barf all over their coffee table. Yasmina Reza's dramatic comedy about the quick deterioration of manners between four adults is catnip for the established acting set—past productions have seen everyone from James Gandolfini to Ralph Fiennes to Marcia Gay Harden (who won a Tony for her work)—best seen in the current limited-release Polanski film, Carnage, starring Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and John C. Reilly. But if a long roster of famous names isn't enough to draw you in to this offbeat, drunken story, consider that God of Carnage touches on every kind of humor. Quick-witted one-liners? Check. Slapstick? Check. Deadpan? Check. Gross-out? See the bit about the vomiting.

Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 26. Continues through Feb. 19, 2012

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