Go Green Auto Rally is a Different Kind of Event for the Home of the Grand Prix

Long Beach is home to an annual grand prix that has high-performance race cars zooming through city streets.

But this weekend, a different kind of racing event starts in the LBC and follows a 100-mile course that ends in Malibu, one that does not necessarily reward its drivers for speed.

The Go
Green Auto Rally intends to entertain and inform enthusiasts by having up to 200 drivers Saturday and Sunday compete to find out who is the best “eco-driver.” Each who paid a $129 entry fee will have received instructions on how to best drive to get the most mileage out of his or her car, which will have been outfitted with an EcoGyzer monitoring
system developed by Nomadic Solutions to rate driver performance.

A variety or prizes will be doled out, with the overall winner getting a brand new sub-compact car with great EPA mileage ratings. Find out more about the cars and the competition at www.gogreenautorally.com.

“Without a
doubt, Southern California is a place where the Go Green Auto Rally can
make a difference educating people about how to reduce their carbon
emissions and costs while also showing them the concept of green speed,” Go Green Rally founder Jean Paul Libert has reportedly said. “Our goal with the Go
Green Auto Rally is to show the 240 million United States motorists on
the road right now how they can make a positive difference
environmentally no matter what kind of car they drive.”

After this inaugural Long Beach rally, the event is scheduled to move next year to Miami, San Diego, New York, Seattle, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Minneapolis and Phoenix.

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