Glorious Wondour Blast Off With 'Lunar Love'

Allowing themselves to be one of the better kept secrets in OC's music scene has probably a smart move for Glorious Wondour. Over the last year, OC three-piece have enjoyed making inquiring minds wait for some recorded evidence of their spaced-out grooves as they cherry pick shows and tinker with their forthcoming debut album. Today the band has officially blasted off with their first single, “Lunar Love” premiering here on Heard Mentality. The lineup, featuring bassist/vocalist Matt “ZigZag” McKenzie, bassist/keyboardist Tommy Dumont and drummer Tony Tancredi, have put together something that wastes little time ask the first chords of this funky, galactic voyage explode through your speakers. Built on the foundation of a pounding groove and atmospheric vocals, it immediately lets us know that their sound is deep, decibel heavy and difficult to ignore. Listen to the track below as Tancredi supplies a couple quick insights about Glorious Wondour's long awaited first offering.


On why they decided to release “Lunar Love” as their first single:

That was one of the first songs I ever heard before I was in the band and I just fell in love with it. It's always been a personal favorite of mine. Matt's vocals sound like he's singing from the top of a mountain. We're all into a lot of hip-hop and danceable music too, we wanted it to be groovy and the I love playing the song on drums. It's funky, you can dance to it and there's a lot of super low bass in there.

Where they found the cool sample they got to use in the middle of the song:
It's from a film called Planet Outlaws, a black and white movie from the early '50s. Matt and his brother Luke watch a lot of old movies and they were watching it one day and one of the characters was saying something about “traveling the skies” and Matt caught that and said it could be a perfect fit for Lunar Love so we threw it in the mix and it worked perfectly. I feel like it fits with the temp of the song really well, like it was made for it.

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