Glenn Danzig VS. the Internet

Maybe the last time you saw Glenn Danzig, he was carrying kitty litter to his car while wearing a Danzig shirt. Or maybe it was when you watched the YouTube video of him getting knocked out with one punch. You could've seen him shaking his hips with Shakira. No? Well, you're in luck, because you can watch all those videos after the jump!

If you're dying for more Danzig in your life, though, you can also see Danzig on Saturday, when Glenn brings his Blackest of the Black tour to the Grove of Anaheim. (Win tickets here!)
The tour's lineup will feature Danzig,
Bay Area thrashers Possessed and Swedish black metal pioneers
Marduk, plus Toxic Holocaust and Withered.

Danzig's band on this tour is made up of Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry) on guitar, Steve
Zing (Samhain) on bass and Bevan Davies (Danzig) on drums.

1. Glenn Danzig and kitties

2. Glenn Danzig getting knocked out

3. Danzig and Shakira duet

4. That kitty commercial
Video provided by The Gauntlet

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