Gladys and Alejandro Romero, Siblings Up on Cold Case Murder, Arraigned Today

As is routine of people convicted of misdemeanors, Gladys Romero, 33, of Santa Ana, had a sample of her DNA run through the crime database on Sept. 30. Back came a hit to DNA found in a purse left at the scene of a robbery-murder in 2000.

Now Romero and her little brother, 31-year-old Alejandro Romero, also of Santa Ana, are being arraigned on charges that could put each away for life, as the Orange County District Attorney's Office statement explains after the jump . . .

October 25, 2010


SANTA ANA – A brother and a sister have been charged with the robbery
and murder of a Santa Ana man by gaining entry into his home by
pretending to be fruit salesmen. Siblings Alejandro Romero, 31, and
Gladys Romero, 33, both of Santa Ana, are each charged with one felony
count of special circumstances murder during the commission of robbery,
kidnapping, and burglary with an additional sentencing enhancement for
the personal discharge of a firearm causing great bodily injury and
death. If convicted, they face a maximum sentence of life in prison
without the possibility of parole. Alejandro and Gladys Romero are being
held without bail and are expected to be arraigned today, Monday, Oct.
25, 2010, in Department CJ-1, Central Jail, Santa Ana. Time is to be

On June 5, 2000, Gladys Romero is accused of posing as a door-to-door
fruit saleswoman and gaining entry into
Juan Gomez's home by asking for a
glass of water. Once inside, Gladys Romero is accused of opening the
door to allow her brother, Alejandro Romero, to enter the victim's home.
Both defendants are accused of being armed with firearms.

The defendants are accused of tying up Gomez and his family in the
living room of the home. Gomez struggled and was able to break free from
his ties. Alejandro Romero is accused of struggling with Gomez and
shooting the victim. Gladys Romero is accused of then shooting Gomez
when he was on his knees. The defendants are accused of stealing a purse
and fleeing the scene. Gladys Romero is accused of leaving her own
purse at the scene.

 Gomez died at the scene. His family freed themselves and called the
Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD), who investigated this case. SAPD
Crime Scene Investigators collected DNA evidence at the scene.

The case remained unsolved and without a suspect for 10 years. On Sept.
30, 2010, DNA taken from Gladys Romero on a misdemeanor conviction was
linked to DNA that was taken from her purse left at the murder crime
scene. The DNA evidence along with witness statements connected the
defendants to the case.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Larry Yellin of the Homicide Unit is prosecuting this case.

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