Give the Gift of the Weekly…to the Weekly!

In the course of Marisa's investigations into what became her badass cover story on the evil Fullerton Police Department, I had her run to the Langson Library at UC Irvine, to go through their collection of the Weekly on microfilm. See, due to an incredibly foolish lack of foresight by previous administrations here, there exists no full online archives of the OC Weekly between our founding in the fall of 1995 up until 1999 or so–no easy access to the bulk of Moxley's Bob Dornan coverage, R. Crumb's recollections of Orange County in the 1950s, and so many more great articles.

Marisa encountered a surly librarian, who denied that they had the Weekly on microfilm; when Marisa informed him to the contrary, he summarily said, “If it were up to me, we wouldn't keep it.”

And that got me thinking.

Over the years, the Weekly has affixed our logo to all sorts of giveaways–license plates, glitter, condoms, CD compilations, pens, matchbooks, toothpicks, coasters…and that's what I've found just rummaging through the office. No repository is going to give a damn about the Weekly's relics once the Raelians take over, so we might as well do it–by putting it out to ustedes.

Gentle readers: do YOU have Weekly crap stuffed away in your garage, in your change bucket, drawers, etc. Can you send it our way? We appreciate gifts, of course, but if bribery is the name of the game, I can hand out tickets to movies, art shows, and other things to make it worth your while. Email me what you got at garellano at ocweekly dot come, and we'll go from there!

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