Gin Fuego at The North Left, Our Drink of the Week!

Aron Habiger and Ashley Guzman are not only keeping it 100 at the North Left, they've upping the game. Every Thursday brings a farm-to-table night, where the two get items from the Santa Monica and SanTana's farmers' market and transform them into four-course masterpieces. They offer a wine-pairing men as well, but ustedes know me: I'm a true drunk. So I'm glad to report that not only does the North Left have new cocktails, they're all awesome–especially the Gin Fuego.


Gin, citrus, and harissa? HELL YA! It's tart, spicy, savory, and aromatic–the summer you want to spend. The garnish is a dried chile de ├írbol you should keep to enliven the dishes to come. So go every Thursday to the North Left, and tell Habiger and Guzman to go to 200!

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