Get Your Golf On With Abracadabs TOMORROW

Abracadab life!

Not sure how to celebrate the first day of the weekend? Here’s an idea: Take Friday off and join the Abracadabs Festival crew at the DeBell Golf Club in Burbank for a day of Canna Golf with like minded people on the green. But even if golf’s not your thing, tomorrow’s event offers a lot more than just putting around.

“The great part about our Canna Golf event is that you’ll actually get the chance to hang out with people and get to know them,” says John Mendoza, the CEO of Abracadabs Festival, an annual cannabis gathering focusing on cannabis education, community and celebrating the plant’s various forms. Starting in 2013, Abracadabs solidified its sixth year last March, and Mendoza’s looking for ways to keep the festival magic alive. “At the typical cannabis event, you’re busy, busy, busy running around talking to patients, potential clients and making sure everything’s running smoothly. Canna Golf gives us a chance to slow it down and focus on building relationships—because relationships are everything.”

Mendoza emphasizes the importance of relationships multiple times through out our conversation. Thus, tomorrow’s nine-hole golf game is truly about setting the foundation for relationships you’ll have in the years to come. And considering how cut throat the cannabis industry’s become within the last year-and-a-half, Mendoza explains, building relationships and surrounding yourself with reliable people is the only way you’re going to survive going forward.

Although sponsor bags will be given to everyone who shows up, tomorrow’s event is BOYC (bring your own cannabis). Dab rigs will be available to those who are medicating and people will definitely be burning on the green. “Golf isn’t what it used to be,” Mendoza laughs, “especially now that Tiger Woods isn’t really around anymore.  But also like fishing, society has shifted and people don’t value activities like that anymore. We’re narcissistic… and there’s no way for people to truly disconnect  because our phones are electronic leashes. Throwing this Canna Golf event is great because it’s breathing life into something that’s been taken for granted and forgotten about.”

Golfers have the option of purchasing a single person or group pass. Your ticket gets you a round of nine-holes, a golf cart, a sponsor bag with sweet products and lunch with everyone when it’s done. There’ll be a few celebrities in attendance tomorrow, too. Meredith from Merry Jane magazine will be there, Chuy Bravo from the Chelsea Lately Show will be getting his golf on and John Salley will be hanging out as well.  You can purchase tickets here. 

DeBell Golf Club is a lush oasis within a dense metropolis, giving golfers a glimpse of nature’s serenity. The phrase “greenery for the scenery” has never been more applicable than it is to tomorrow’s Canna Golf event. It’s going to be hot, so be sure to hydrate and bring plenty of water! “Tomorrow’s focus is on who’s there and making sure they have the best possible experience,” Mendoza says. “Canna Golf is about bring guys and girls together, building relationships, celebrating the plant and having fun.”

Info: DeBell Golf Club; 1500 East Walnut Avenue, Burbank, CA 91501. Starts at 8am. Event is 21+. BYOC.

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