Get To Know Your Medicine And Body With The Goldleaf Patient Journal

Forgot the name of the strain that made your migraine dissolve? Remember with the Goldleaf Patient Journal! (Courtesy of Goldleaf)

With the MAUCRSA in full swing, California feels like it’s raining weed, making it hard to tell the difference between what’s medical and recreational. With everything shifting to an adult-use (recreational) market, if you’re a medical patient—which Jack Herrer argued that everyone is— keeping track of your preferred products has never been more important than now.

Behold: The Goldleaf Patient Journal. It’s a notebook designed for medical-cannabis patients. It guides you through analyzing products in such a way that you’ll (hopefully) begin to better understand how your body responds to cannabis treatment. On one page you’re given a questionnaire to fill in about how you’re feeling before you use the canna-product, what strain or product you’re using, how you’re ingesting it, how much of a dose you took and a timeline to jot down the intensity of the experience. The next page is a set of blank lines to summarize your thoughts.

But it’s also not just a regular ol’ journal. In the front are a few leaves dedicated to writing down your medical contacts whether that’s a doctor, caregiver, dispensary, grower, etc. There are also a few pages that provide a reference chart detailing what cannabinoids and terpenes are, and what they do.

Every cannabis user generally needs a bit of extra organizational help, and Goldleaf offers one of the best ways to remember the highs of life.

Price: $16


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