Get Free Ice Cream Sandwiches at CREAM's Aliso Viejo Opening TOMORROW

CREAM, a famous Bay Area ice cream sandwich shop started by Jimmy and Gus Shamieh in Berkeley, CA, will be opening a new location in Aliso Viejo TOMORROW. For the occasion, they're giving out free ice cream sandwiches (plus vegan cookies for the non-gluten consumers) starting at noon. I agree–halt your weekend plans and get on THIS!


If you want to start thinking about which ice cream sandwich(es) you'd like to order, here's what to expect: CREAM offers 11 cookie flavors (including caramel-chocolate–referred to as Turtle–and Lemon Heaven), 22 ice cream flavors (Peaches n' Cream may be an interesting one), and an assortment toppings like M&Ms and marshmallows to make things even more delicious/pretty. If you could use more dairy after your ice cream sandwich, you can try one of their milkshakes, malts, or floats. Red velvet is also big for them right now, so get a hold of their seasonal red velvet cookies, red velvet waffles, and red velvet taco shells for cream tacos (which, if you didn't know, is ice cream inside of a taco shell).

The weekend just got a lot better, didn't it? Enjoy!

CREAM, 26841 Aliso Creek Rd. Aliso Viejo, 949-349-9502;

Email: kh****@oc******.com.

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