Get Everything On In-N-Out's Secret Menu–As Your Desktop Wallpaper!

In case you needed another reason to love In-N-Out . . .

Putting customer service to the ultimate test, Serious Eats writer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt decided to order everything on the chain's secret menu in one visit.

Here's how the cashier reacted: 

“Hey–you're back. Still hungry?”

“Yep. I'm going to order a few more weird things.”

“So, are you just trying to order everything on the menu?”

Sh*t, I thought to myself. The gig is up.

“Yeah . . . ,” I said sheepishly.

“Awesome! I've been waiting for this day ever since I started working here!”

Gotta dig the enthusiasm.

Lopez-Alt went beyond the not-so-secret secret items such as
animal-style fries and the 4×4, and asked for the more obscure–a Flying
Dutchman (two slices of cheese melted between two patties), well-done
fries (cooked extra long), a root beer float. He ordered burgers medium
rare, mustard grilled and topped with chopped chiles.

The entire fast-food adventure was photo-documented, of course, and now,
the complete “In-N-Out Matrix” can be downloaded and used as your
desktop wallpaper. Drooool.

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