Get Cafe Hiro's Holiday Season Croissant Bread Pudding While You Can

Over the weekend, Edwin and I took our chicas out (isn't it amazing? These nerds got play!) to Café Hiro for the Cypress eatery's awesome-as-always food. It was my chica's first time, my sixth or seventh time, but one of dozens of visits for Edwin and his gal. I had the bacon-spinach-garlic spaghetti–lovely, fatty, buttery, brilliant–and what you see above is Edwin's picture of their scallop carpaccio plate, a straightforward bump of the seafood jewel that looks like a plump ravioli.

But those highlights aren't the point of the post–that would be the croissant bread pudding.

Edwin and his chica highly recommended it but sighed that they only see it come winter holiday time. I'm sure there's a meaning to this, but Café Hiro should offer it every damn day of the rest of humanity's existence. I'm a bread pudding fanatic, and this was levitated the form: buttery, flaky, with chocolate and a bold choice of making a bitter coffee-based sauce to counteract all the sweet. I usually hate bitter anything, but not in this case–my girlfriend and I fought for the last bite, a battle I lost but a war I won since I scraped off every last molecule of the sauce from the plate, clatter be damned.

Cafe Hiro, 10509 Valley View St., Cypress, (714) 527-6090;

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