German Restaurant Offers Caveman Cuisine

Newton's law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So in what seems like a reaction to the modernist/molecular gastronomic bombast of Ferran Adria and all his acolytes, there is a new restaurant in Berlin called Sauvage that serves caveman cuisine: food purportedly from the Paleolithic Age.
What does this mean exactly? The restaurant describes it as:

“organic, unprocessed foods and thus excludes every kind of processed
foods, sprung from agriculture and domestication. Grains, starches,
dairy products and sugar have no place on the paleolithic menu. The
basic ingredients of paleo cooking are veggies, meat, fish, eggs, oils,
nuts, seeds and herbs. All ingredients come from organic farming or

Its dishes, which proudly omit bread, pasta and rice, are purported to give you limitless health benefits, including but not limited to immunity from colds and flus and, of course, a better sex drive. Because what's anything worth these days if it doesn't give you a better sex drive? . . .

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