Genetically Modified Food Debate At Chapman University Today!

Whether to pass or strike down Proposition 37, an initiative requiring labels on some genetically modified foods, is the subject of a debate that will take place at Chapman University this afternoon.

If the proposition passed, it would make California the first state that mandates GMOs (genetically modified organisms) to be labeled as such. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration currently doesn't require labeling on any genetically modified foods, if there is no evidence of harm; the decision to present that evidence, however, is left up to the food developer, and we all know how that goes.


Advocates cite health concerns as their main reason for voting yes on the proposition; they've pointed to a new French study as proof that GMOs pose health risks. Opponents, however, have their own science for reference, including geneticists and biologists who contend that GMOs have been around for decades and they are completely safe. Polls show statewide support for Prop 37, but that may or may not change as opponents currently levy an intense $35-million television advertising blitz to change voters' minds.
So what are the pros and cons of Proposition 37?
Come to the debate, which goes from 3 to 5 p.m. today at Beckman Hall Room 404, to find out. Panelists include John Diaz of California Right to Know, Brendan Huffman of the No on Prop 37 campaign, and genetics expert Alan McHughen. For more details, visit the event page.
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