Geeks Who Drink Holding Auditions for Their Local Quizmaster Slots This Weekend

I'm in Denver right now, high off the glory that is a Mexican hamburger. Last night I met up with John Dicker, the man behind the wildly popular Geeks who Drink pub quiz that's starting in Orange County next month. I bought the drinks; he shared with me that they're visiting us this weekend to audition anyone interested in becoming a quizmaster for them.

From their website:

Geeks Who Drink is growing like a megachurch and we need us some Quizmasters to disseminate our geeky sermons.

But not just any regularl old Quizmasters.

Can you… handle hecklers, freestyle on the mic with mad wit, read
questions with authority to a room full of drunky snarks and snarky

Can you deal with the high pressure lifestyle, the quiz groupies,
the media attention and living a celebrity lifestyle in your own mind?

If you're interested, go to this link. For some reason, they're only disclosing the audition location for those who apply. What geeks…

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