Gaylord Tootsie Daney, Up on Holding Pot, Allegedly Punches His Lady Lawyer

Gaylord Tootsie Daney–yes, Tootsie–is alleged to have broken two bedrock rules of polite society. That’s not a reference to the marijuana possession and, now, felony assault charges against the 45-year-old Santa Ana man. For if the newest accusations against Daney are true, he both hit a girl and someone wearing glasses. Fo’ shame!

Rachanee Srisavasdi has the scoop in the Orange County Register.

Daney was in court Wednesday to defend himself against a Dec. 31 citation for possessing marijuana.

Happy New Year!

Having earlier been appointed a female attorney from the Orange County Public Defender’s Office, Daney requested she be fired a day before his scheduled trial. The motion was denied.

While standing in a hallway at the West Justice Center in Westminster on Wednesday, Daney is alleged to have punched the lady lawyer square in her face, breaking her glasses, causing her head to hit a wall and inflicting minor injuries.

She fell to the floor and sustained cuts and bruises to her face, according to prosecutors.

So much for marijuana mellowing you out.

Then again, Daney had been charged with possession, not consumption.

Ironically, his ex-lawyer may require medical marijuana. That’s right: ex. Daney won: she’s out.

But what a heavy price to pay, because besides still being up on holding weed, Daney has been charged with felony assault causing injury. He has entered a not guilty plea.

April 8 is his Daney’s next court date. His new court-appointed lawyer ought to consider wearing padded headgear.

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