Gavin Rossdale Really Likes Gwen Stefani's Red Lipstick and Other Harajuku Lovers Tidbits

Gwen Stefani told at the L.A.M.B. spring 2011 fashion show that she's launching five more Harajuku Lovers fragrances, called Wicked Style, on Nov. 1. There's still a storyline for the perfumes: Gwen and the Harajuku Girls–Love, Lil Angel, Music, and Baby–are back in Tokyo on Takeshita-Dori street. 

Some excerpts:

On having two kids and designing clothes and fragrance:

I think it definitely affects my designing when I'm pregnant, for sure, because everything looks really tiny. I'm like, “Oh my god, no, it really needs to be bigger! It's too tight.”

Fragrance for sure, as well, because your sense of smell is ruined when you're pregnant and it makes you want to puke when you're trying to smell these fragrances. I can't even wear perfume when I'm pregnant.


With the designing, I really wanted to start L.A.M.B. because I knew I wanted to have a family and wanted to be able to do something that I could do at home and feel creative and have a creative outlet, but have my kids around. They're there the whole time and they get a little annoyed when I'm having my meetings. But I like to be able to work and be with the kids at the same time. It was a plan I had a long time ago, and now I'm actually living it, so it's kind of surreal and sad at the same time that all that time has gone by and here we are. I have a five-year-old, no he's four, thank God. But yeah, it's going fast, but that's the whole reason I started L.A.M.B. I knew that one day, hopefully, I'd have them.

She also talked about how L.A.M.B. made creating fragrances a breeze: 

Kind of the reward of having a clothing line is having that fragrance. People had asked me for years to do things like that, and I was always like, “Well, I'm in a band. Why would I do that?” It didn't ever click to me, but now being able to do a line and have a fragrance and have clothes, it's all part of the layers of what you wear and it makes more sense. And I really enjoy doing it.

On the question of keeping just one thing from her signature look:

That's really hard. I don't think I'll be blond for the rest of my life. I don't know maybe I will be. I can't think any further ahead than after the show. You know, I don't always wear red lipstick. Because people think they see me everyday, but they don't. I change it up, but my husband really likes the red. So I probably have to keep the red because I want to keep the marriage.

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