Gary Dalton Derusha, Accused of Being the Great Tustin Groper, Has a Creeper Past

Police believe they have caught the Great Tustin Groper.

We told you last month about a thin white guy, believed to be age 18-20, who came up behind females six different times since June, grabbed handfuls of ass and, in some cases, pulled their pants down … and apologized.

According to Tustin police, Gary Dalton Derusha, 21, of Anaheim, is that creeper.


Did somebody say creeper? Derusha was on probation for having sex with a minor at the time.

Police Seek Dude Who Gropes and Pulls Down Pants of Females From Behind in Tustin

Police credit good old fashioned investigating with leading them to Derusha. They'd looked at where the females were victimized and developed a pattern to the crimes. Cops then staked out areas where it was predicted the groper would strike next.

Derusha, who matched descriptions of the groper, was spotted at Red Hill and Mitchell avenues, Tustin Police Sgt. Jeff Blair reportedly told City News Service, adding that victims would go on to pick the suspect out in lineups.

He was booked Tuesday on suspicion of multiple misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and by Wednesday bailed out of Orange County Jail.

Derusha pleaded guilty on Jan. 17, 2012, to misdemeanor sex with a minor and was sentenced to 15 days of service instead of jail and put on informal probation for two years.

Oh, Tustin cops are still seeking other possible groping victims. If that is you or someone you know, contact Detective Natalie Nguyen at 714.573.3253.

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