Garden Grove Police Union: Mayor Bao Nguyen a Drunk, OC Weekly Liars

On Thursday afternoon, the Garden Grove Police Association (GGPA), the union that truly represents the finest of Garbage Grove, sent out a press release regarding our coverage of union head Mike Viscomi recording a conversation between him and Mayor Bao Nguyen. Moxley wrote why what Viscomi did was a no-no and noted the obvious: that a random recording involving Nguyen talking trash on his council rival, Phat Bui, somehow magically seeing the light of day for opponents to request and make public was no coincidence.

Not so, said the GGPA press release, which insisted Viscomi was just doing his job and accused Mox of being “biased and factually inaccurate.” “Contrary to Moxley's inferences throughout his article,” the press release stated, “Sergeant Viscomi did not surreptitiously record Mayor Nguyen in the hopes of advancing a political agenda to 'politically assassinate' Mayor Nguyen.”

But in that very press release, the GGPA did what they claimed they didn't do: try to politically assassinate Nguyen.


In the press release, GGPA claims–with offering no evidence whatsoever–that Nguyen was drunk. Not once, or twice, but THRICE. What does being “intoxicated,” as the press release so delicately put it, have anything to do with Viscomii recording the mayor, or the contents of the conversation? Absolutely nothing, but the GGPA insists that Nguyen's supposed borracho state are “relevant facts and context, the inclusion of either of which would portray the incident in an entirely different light.”

And what would that light be? Yet another attempt to politically assassinate the mayor by trying to embarrass him.

“Moxley's suggestion otherwise is both false and irresponsible and clearly is an attempt to deflect attention away from Mayor Nguyen's intoxicated comments and behavior,” the GGPA press release concludes.

You can read the whole pile of mierda here. But you know what's the real deflection? This press release. After all, it deflects from a police department that:

**Tried to entrap immigrant-rights protesters by posing as radicals. And one of the cops accused of doing so? Viscomi.
**Filed charges against another protester whom police alleged assaulted a horse, only to have a jury acquit the protester.
**Had an officer lie that someone them, which led to a massive raid on a birthday party
**Killed a mentally disabled Vietnamese immigrant, which led to the city of Garden Grove settling with his family for $1.3 million.
**Threw a former Marine to the ground during an illegal raid, leaving him in pain for the rest of his life and with a fat settlement for their police brutality.
*Left two men paralyzed after shooting them; one was unarmed, the other died. Both of their families are suing the police deparment.

I could go on, but my Firefox keeps crashing because our pinche website is so damn buggy–just like the Gardeon Grove police union.

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