Garden Grove “Bistro” Closes; New Bar & Grill To Replace

Jak's Bistro at the Garden Grove/Cypress border got little love from the Yelpers, garnering a meager 2 1/2 stars from the few people who reviewed it. Those who wrote about it were unanimous that while it called itself a bistro, it was more like sports bar with a waterfall.

I've never been, but have always been curious since their sign is, well, rather big and obvious. I see it every time I drive to Cypress for Cafe Hiro or Cambinos.


Jak's folded recently to make way for something called On The Rocks, which looks like a place that might be an actual sports bar. Their website says nothing, other than they're planning to open in October.

Brekkie Fan, our frequent tipster and friend, who took the picture above knows as much as I do about the place at this point. But I'm sure as time progresses she, and in turn, this blog will know more.

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