Ganja Grindz K-Cup: Our Toke of the Week!

Liquid edible: K-cup infused with 50mg cannabis oil, 10mg CBD
Dispensary: Super Clinik, 2525 S. Birch Street Santa Ana, (714)557-2050
Price: $10 per K-cup

I am a coffee snob, so I usually use a french press. But when laziness prevails, I turn to my Keurig, which actually does a decent job of brewing my organic Aida Batlle Finca Kilimanjaro from El Salvador.  Super Clinik, one of the new, legit shops in SanTana, is in soft opening mode at the moment . Look for their Grand Opening on . . . drumroll please…..4/20. That’s April 20; hey, now. 

Besides the K-cups, Ganja Grindz also offers coffee filters, one that has 100mg THC 20mg CBD and a 200mg THC 40mg CBD. A cold coffee drink, organic, sugar free, vegan, triple roast 75mg THC 15mg CBD. The K-cups come in a regular Roastmaster Blend, a decaf blend, spiced apple cider and Thai Chai latte.
While I’ve tried various edibles I’d never sampled a liquid infused with cannabis oil.

I brewed the coffee and grabbed a piece of pan dulce. Thankfully, the coffee smells just like coffee—there ‘s no aroma of THC. And more importantly, it actually tastes like coffee—again, no THC aftertaste. It’s actually a pretty decent cup of java. One sip, two sips, nothing. Three sips, four sips, oh, oh. Here we go, I thought. 

As with any edible, one should nibble, not gobble, so I sipped and didn’t guzzle. Remember: A liquid will get into your system a lot faster than a brownie or jolly rancher.  After about eight good sips I had a great buzz. It’s a fun , happy , super silly buzz. I definitely wouldn’t plan on driving or doing anything IMPORTANT! after partaking this java. Instead, you might want to share a cup with someone and go see a movie or before a concert. This cup of Ganja will keep you high for awhile. 

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