Gamecraft Brewing’s AFK, Our Beer of the Week!

The dessert plate at Gamecraft/Culinary Underground’s collab beer dinner. Photo by Greg Nagel

With the final dish of Gamecraft Brewing’s first beer dinner delivered tableside, owner Scott Cebula made the announcement, “be sure to grab our first ever can release on the way out!” I took a bite of the Honey Pot mead-infused ice cream and the Reese’s looking chocolate pannacotta, took a sip of the chocolate porter paired with it, and politely ghosted. You see, this Wednesday night is my Friday, and I’m headed out to the annual California Homebrewer’s Festival for an epic four-day camping trip highlighted with a ten-hour beer festival.

The braised short rib was my fave of the dinner, by the way. Photo by Greg Nagel

Already packed, the beer went straight into the cooler and didn’t see the light of day until Thursday morning after camp was set up. With annoying little flies buzzing around my head, I wiped my forehead sweat on my sleeve and cracked the cooler to a much-deserved beer: Gamecraft’s AFK, a 4.6% abv Pilsner.

While camping, I don’t usually waste time pouring beer in glass, nor did I bring a proper pilsner glass for review. But perhaps the best compliment one can give great pils is that all 16 ounces of the beverage were the most refreshing thing I’d had in some time. As I spend nearly sixteen hours a day in front of a keyboard, drinking an AFK in the woods is perhaps the proper glassware I desperately needed. I didn’t even bring a laptop.

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing in a fire pit. Photo by Greg Nagel

Sticking my nose into the aluminum can hole, I noted some nice floral (white flowers), herbal (lemongrass, chamomile), and some honey-drizzled Saltine crackers.

I cracked a second beer, unfolded my Papasan-camp chair, then dozed off, no doubt dreaming of the next Gamecraft beer dinner.

Gamecraft Brewing is at 23301 Avenida De La Carlota Suite C, Laguna Hills, (949) 734-0910;

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