Game of Burgers: Fast Food Fiefdom, Final Round: TK Burger Versus In-n-Out!

Well…hello again! Last time we did this tournament, Dave had a showdown between G Burger and Umami Burger in the Burger Baron category, with the La Habra upstart beating the Los Angeles chain in a controversial upset.

That was on August 9. I was supposed to follow by matching up TK Burger versus In-n-Out in the Fast Food Fiefdom category. And then…and then…and then…

I dropped the burger. Here we are, over a month later, and I'm just about to announce the winner, even though I knew the results in early August.

What happened? A bunch of excuses. I went on vacation through mid-August, then had to catch up on work the following week. Then it turned into the week before Labor Day, which meant everyone had tuned out. Then it was the week of Labor Day, which meant people were adjusting back to the grind. And then…and then…and then…

Sorry folks. But you want a winner for this category…

And the winner is…

TK Burger. Was never a contest. While I do like In-n-Out, it simply doesn't compare to the totality of the TK experience–its secret sauce, its potato bun, the luscious patty. I matched them up two years ago, and I gave the victory to TK then, and I'm giving it to TK again.

SO…behold our Final Four in our Game of Burgers!

TK versus Mick's Karma Bar! Haven Gastropub versus G Burger! Tournament goes back on next Monday! In the meanwhile–start second-guessing!


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