Gabrielle Jane Nestande Slapped with Lawsuit for Hit-and-Run Death of Nanny After Boozing

The mother of the woman killed criminally by Gabrielle Jane Nestande is suing the former Newport Beach debutante and the Austin, Texas, bar that served her beers, vodka and, just before her BMW plowed into the pedestrian, a shot.

Court documents indicate Laurie Griffin is seeking more than $1 million from Nestande, who a jury found guilty of criminally negligent homicide but then only recommended probation and a fine as punishment.

“The family has felt that there was not justice done in the criminal
trial, we heard all the evidence and we saw how Gabrielle Nestande was
intoxicated, the bar over served her and the family felt this was one
way to finally get justice for Courtney,” Suzanne Kaplan, the mother's attorney, reportedly explained to Fox Austin.

Nestande, 25, is the daughter of former Orange County supervisor, assemblyman and GOP power player Bruce Nestande, who testified during the punishment phase of his daughter's trial and explained away a recent booze charge on her credit card as actually being made by him through their joint account. His daughter, he claimed, has not touched a drink since the hit-and-run accident that killed Griffin, a nanny who was out for an early-morning walk.

Bart Griffin, the victim's father, is reportedly contemplating his own suit. The state alcohol commission, which previously investigated and cleared the Clive Bar where Nestande drank, is also apparently thinking of re-opening the probe in light of evidence presented at trial.

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