Gabriel Iglesias Uses Twitter to Keep Trim on His New TV Show

Forever Fluffy but as of late with less weight to carry, Gabriel Iglesias is embarking on a new adventure while in the midst of his already adventurous life. Premiering on Fuse TV on Thursday, October 1st (10pm/9c), Fluffy Breaks Even gives you a chance to travel along with Iglesias for the full behind the scenes experience as he hits the road, meets new people, and attempts to eat as healthy as possible. Seems like an impossible task but with plenty of late-night workouts and his tour mates by his side, we have no doubt that Fluffy can in fact break even. Before the big premiere, we got him to break the concept down for us, talked social media, and all things food because, well, just hearing about his new show made us hungry.


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Of course I want to hear about Fluffy Breaks Even. It says it's unscripted so is it kind of like “The Real World: Gabriel Iglesias Edition?”

Gabriel Iglesias: Pretty much! That sounds pretty accurate! The thing is, people know what I'm like when I'm on stage so we're trying to show them a little bit of the “behind the scenes” stuff. Whether that means backstage, on the tour bus, or just traveling in general, no matter where we go, we're always trying to find something to eat. I've lost about 100 pounds and I'm trying not to gain it back so now I'm trying to be accountable for the meals. So what I'm trying to do is ask the fans where a good place is to go eat when we're in their town. For example, we were recently in Blackfoot, Idaho so we were asking the fans where a good place was to go eat around their city. If we're there for a couple of days we might ask where there is a good place to work out as well. And it may even be a truck pulling place and that's how they exercise. We are surprised by the types of activities and workouts that are out there that are not just gym oriented.

How much does it blow your mind that you can throw out a question and get instant feedback? 2015 is wild.

It's pretty awesome. If you're not on social media now, you're missing the boat! A lot of artists want to rely on the old school “I just want to get on TV or radio” stuff and you really gotta get out there. Social media is probably about 80% of it these days. I remember when I first started doing stand-up in the '90s and I was like, we gotta go make some flyers! We gotta find a place to hand out these flyers so let's go to a parking lot and put them on cars! That's where we had to go back then. Next thing you know there is Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter…

What's your favorite social media platform?

My favorite is Twitter because it is so quick. Facebook I lost control of a bit because it's hard for me to read all of the messages. Refreshing the screen will make you lose everyone but on Twitter, I can still keep up.

I'm with you, but for different reasons. To me it's like, funny or kid pictures. I'll take funny.

Some people are fans of social media and some people like the privacy. In my business, it helps me tremendously. It's because of social media that I can travel outside of the US and I can perform in other places that Comedy Central, HBO, and Showtime can't reach.

I think you're a great follow on Twitter because you take the opportunity to talk to your fans and it's so important. Of course I haven't seen your show yet but I feel like it fits in with that interaction aspect.

Thank you! It brings the fans in and it's very interactive. I think that's what will make it different than most reality shows out there.

Is there a food suggestion that's been offered to you and it was a total bust?

Well what happens is that when we see that there is a restaurant that keeps popping up in the feed, we'll know it's a popular spot. We'll still investigate the menu to make sure there's something we can eat. It's not one of those bizarre food show things where we eat something that is random. I gotta make sure that I'm into it.

So are you saying that you'd never do an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern?

[Laughs.] You know what? I bet that guy has to get a couple shots a month just to make sure he doesn't end up with something due to the random food he eats. Some of that stuff is just like, wow. So no, I'm not going there! To his credit though, it's like he'll eat anything!

Sounds like he'd make a good boyfriend.

[Laughs.] Oh my god, thank you for that.

What can I say? I'm a charmer. I saw you at April Foolishness this year and you got a standing ovation just walking onstage. Does that reaction make you want to cry inside of sheer joy?

It's an incredible feeling. Imagine if you showed up to work and people just started cheering for you and stood up on their seats. It's awesome! It never gets old. If it ever does get old, that's when I'll probably be done emotionally and mentally. [Laughs.] It's such a rush. I haven't tried many things out there but I'll tell you this, the rush that you get when you're on stage and people are applauding, cheering, and chanting your name, there is no other experience like it.

Be sure to tune in for Fluffy Breaks Even premiering this Thursday (10/1) on Fuse TV at 10pm/9c. For more info on the show, go to www.Fuse.TV. If you are in the LA area on Dec. 26th and 27th you can also catch Fluffy live at Microsoft Theater! For more info on Gabriel go to his website, become a fan on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter @FluffyGuy.

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