G Burger To Open In Fountain Valley And Tustin Market Place

Start starving yourselves now. G Burger, the La Habra joint famed assembling the wild beast you see above, will open two new locations in Fountain Valley and inside the Tustin Market Place.

When you order a G Burger, named Best Burger by OC Weekly in 2011, you don't tell the server what you want on the sandwich. Instead, you tell him what you don't want. Say nada and you'll get this jaw-stretching pile-up of greens, tomatoes, onions, cheese, teriyaki-glazed onions, Portobello mushrooms, slaw, grilled pineapple, a fried jumbo egg, pastrami, avocados, chili and–oh, yes–bacon.


The Fountain Valley location, set in the Fountain Valley Plaza Shopping Center, is expected to open in mid-June or early July. There, beer and wine will be served. The Tustin Market Place location should be ready sometime in August.

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