Fusion Tea Bar in Fountain Valley Closes

When Fusion Tea Bar closed its Tustin location, its local fans found solace in the fact that it was at least still around in Fountain Valley (and Cerritos, too–but that's farther). But the Fountain Valley location has permanently closed, which means no more Coco Berry slushies, their delicious Chrysanthemum white teas, and fruity teas filled with pieces of fruit. Are y'all okay with more trips to Cerritos? (If so, might as well stop by Crispy House while you're there.)


But the good news: folks near Fountain Valley can still get Fusion Tea Bar's Vietnamese iced coffee and sea salt teas at 7 Leaves Cafe, which is associated with Fusion Tea Bar [insert sigh of relief here]. If you're going to miss Fusion's macarons, you can find them at 7 Leaves Cafe too. Fusion fans: I know, I know–it's not exactly the same. But it's something.

If there's one thing to be missed about Fusion Tea Bar, it's how great they were at fruity drinks. I mean, look at their menu–have you seen another tea shop that puts so many pieces of fruit in so many drinks? And for that, we thank them. You guys were great, Fusion–you will be missed.

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