Fury Out; Code In

You've heard the grim statistic: Nine out of ten new restaurants close after one year. There are some who question whether it is true, so far as to call it a myth. The figure is closer to one out of four, these experts say.

But these days, with established pros like David Wilhelm floundering, the first figure doesn't seem so far fetched.

Fury, which was until recently a night club and sushi joint a few blocks away from John Wayne Airport, has shuttered. What was it like? I couldn't tell you. The closest I came to trying it was when I walked up to the door when they weren't open to check out their menu, which was posted outside. From what I read, it featured the usual assortment of rolls.

Though I can't recollect when the place actually opened, it didn't seem longer than a year ago.

In its place, a new restaurant and lounge called Code is planned. My source, who still wants to remain anonymous, provided the picture and noted that the location is notorious for turnover. Before Fury, it was Hamburger Mary's.

But here's what I'm hoping for what with that name: a restaurant and club aimed at computer geeks. Think about it. That area of MacArthur is full of tech companies, and as such, software engineers and programmers. What's a better recipe for success than to cater to the segment of the population that still has jobs (at the moment)?

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