Further Proof OC GOP Doesn't Get Mexicans: Pete Wilson Addressed Them Last Night AND They Want Him For Governor Again!

The first story I ever did for this infernal rag focused on how the Democratic Party in California was using the ghost of former governor Pete Wilson into scaring California Latinos into voting for the Dems. The article pointed out that wabs loathed Wilson–who infamously championed the anti-immigrant Proposition 187 to reelection in 1996–so much that all one needed to do to make them run away from the Republican Party is show his face.

It's a lesson that has decimated the Republican Party in California forever–and yet, the Republicans amazingly haven't learned their lesson. What else explains the OC GOP allowing Wilson to emerge from his crypt to address the party faithful last night at their party at the Westin South Coast Plaza?

I wasn't there to witness the spectacle, but Moxley was. You'll have to wait for his dispatch mañana, but he did tell me that Wilson ran away from him when Mox approached with a notepad, that Wilson looked a bit like the Crypt Keeper and was shaking uncontrollably, and that he's vowing to take down public unions.

But the most amazing part? At one point during Wilson's speech, the crowd started to chant, “YOU RUN! YOU RUN!”

Yes, America: the Orange County Republican Party faithful want the anti-Mexican Pete Wilson to run for governor again. Wow, do they want to have NO Mexicans in their ranks other than vendidos? You know they do!

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