Funny Anonymous Pedo-Apologist OC Catholic Rant of the Day!

Every couple of months, I get a non-sequitor gloat from a local Catholic who's always too cowardly to sign their name–best guess is Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown, but could easily be notorious outer of sex-abuse victims Matt Cunningham. This yellow belly won't even send me an email–instead, they submit a rant against me with no return address, no indicators of their pendejo identity.

The emails don't even make sense, but are directed at me because of my work exposing all of Orange's nasty pedo-priests and their nastier protectors and even-nastier apologists. This was his last one; here's the latest!

To wit:

Uh…. Attendance at Catholic churches in Orange County still full…
Just bought a $58 million high profile property AFTER paying $100
million in lawsuits just a few years ago… Close to HALF of the
parishes are in an EXPANSION project of some kind… Hmmm, Gustavo!
Let's ramp up your anti-Catholic hate! I don't think all that effort of
yours is paying off, except that you're helping the Church filter out
the floosy Catholics because if anybody is influenced by your low-brand
city-college level work, it would be idiots like you!  Heh heh …. must
be so frustrating being you…

“City-college”? Uh…I went to UCLA and clown college (otherwise known as Chapman). “High profile property”? Otherwise known as the Crystal Cathedral, which–as I exclusively reported–Brownie had to be convinced into buying and leaving his sad sack of a cathedral plan because Old Man Schuller's decline presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that dumb ol' Brownie couldn't see. The rest of the letter is point-to-point what the pendejo previously wrote.

A chickenhawk who doesn't have the stones to stand up for his faith? Spoken like a true Diocese of Orange apologist. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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