Funniest Tweets of 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Last night during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Twitter let us know the good (the Michael Jackson hologram), the bad (Lorde to the tenth power), and the ruiners (again, please see Lorde). But before we even get into the Tweetosphere feedback, we have a bone to pick with ABC Network. This whole “taping the show in the west coast” and showing it first to the east coast needs to stop. Since social media has taken over so many of our lives it's unfair to ask us to abandon “our feeds” for any amount of time. By the time we were “fortunate” enough to watch the show we already knew what the stars were wearing, knew the winners, and knew all of the so called “surprises.” This is total and utter bullshit and it needs to end. NOW. Anyway, on with the show…


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