Funniest Line of the Year

It comes in the middle of a Daily Pilot story today about an incident that wasn't very funny at all: 23-year-old white supremacist Ronald Bray of Huntington Beach is accused of a hate crime for allegedly punching the face of a wheelchair-bound black man outside a Costa Mesa convenience store early Friday. It's the last sentence of this paragraph that got us chuckling:

Bray, whom police identified as a white supremacist, also has several parole violations, Carver said, according to the police report. It's unknown what Bray was doing in Costa Mesa.

Yeah, 'cause you never find Huntington Beachcombers in Costa Mesa and vice versa. Heck, it makes you wonder how on earth Bray managed to get around the Costa Mesa checkpoint, where border guards generally prevent entry of every oil-slimed Surf Citizen (but turn their backs when the illegals come flooding in, eh Mayor Mansore?).

Actually, the Daily Plot reporter may have solved her manufactured mystery about Bray in the same story: the cops noted several white supremacist gangs operate in Costa Mesa. It's, of course, the result of a police-enforcement strategy patterned after the Bush White House's Iraq war, whereby anti-white-supremacist gang cops invade a town so that they can fight all the white supremacists there, so they don't have to fight them in, oh, we don't know, La Palma?

Makes you wonder: could Mayor Mansore's anti-immigrant push fuel the kind of backward thinking that allows white supremacist gang-banging to flourish in his town? Naw, must be a coinky-dink.

Honestly, this ugly chapter in local hate-crime lore brings up a far more obvious unknown than the one the DP foisted:

What in heavens was a wheelchair-bound black man doing outdoors in Orange County at 2:20 a.m.?

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