Fundraiser For Anaheim's Resort Elite Hit With Residential Picket!

Last evening's “Bold Wine with Bold Leaders” fundraiser for the political action committee of Support Our Anaheim Resort (SOAR) was met with a bold protest! About a half dozen demonstrators took to the sidewalk holding signs in front of the home of event host Mitch Caldwell in the city's historic Colony district.

Donna Acevedo, the mother of Joel Acevedo, a 21-year-old who was killed last summer in an officer-involved shooting still under investigation, led the way accompanied by family members and friends.

The fundraiser was a veritable “who's who” of Anaheim's political elite, with “celebrity sommeliers” listed as former Mayor Curt Pringle, Orange County Business Council President/CEO Lucy Dunn and current council members Kris Murray and Lucille Kring.

“We were the greeters,” Acevedo recounts, “We said 'Hi' to Dunn and Pringle as they walked in, but they ignored us.” The grieving mother-turned-activist gives the Weekly her headcount and recap of those gathered for the wine-tasting event.

Failed City Council candidate and dirty ex-cop Steve “Chavez” Lodge was
present. Acevedo recounts that he jaywalked to his car on the way out. “I told
him don't let a cop catch you, they might beat you with a stick!” she
adds in a cynical reference to an excessive force lawsuit filed against
when he was a policeman in Santa Ana.

Among the other attendees: Anaheim Police Association President Kerry Condon, current Councilman Jordan Brandman, Councilwoman Kris Murray, her recent Citizen's Advisory Committee appointee “of Latin American descent” Sandy Day, and big real estate cheese Paul Kott. Take note, district election boosters: the ruling class and its minions don't just party up in the Hills!

As the evening wore down, there was one more notable guest in attendance. “Gail Eastman kept peeking out of the window,” Acevedo says of the current councilwoman. “She would not leave with me
standing outside with my sign that read, 'Gail Eastman says, “THANK GOD
for the riots!”'

Bet that was a real buzz killer!

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