Fullerton Police, Family Ask for Public's Help in Death of Daniel Olender

Fullerton police are asking for the public's help in the case of 36-year-old La Habra man Daniel Olender, who died from injuries sustained the morning of Sept. 2 in front of Hero's Bar and Grill. As the Weekly reported yesterday, stories have been swirling about what happened that night and several questions remain. Witnesses say that a verbal altercation occurred between Olender, who was out with his cousin, and two unidentified males between the ages of 22 and 29. However, whether Olender hit the pavement after being punched or fell as the result of intoxication remains unclear.
“(The cousin) indicated that (Olender) had been drinking, but didn't actually see him fall,” said Sgt. Stuart. “They were in a large group of people.” 


Olender was taken to UCI Trauma Center where he later died. Doctors told police he suffered a “devastating brain injury,” though there didn't appear to be blunt force trauma to any part of his body other than his head. Sgt. Stuart added “he may have been pushed or fallen.”
Fliers posted around the downtown area, presumably by Olender's family, are asking anyone with information about the “senseless murder” of the father of three to contact the Fullerton PD's Detective Barry Coffman at 714-738-5361. According to the flier, on Thursday September 20, the TGI Fridays in Yorba Linda, where Olender worked for the past few weeks, will donate 20 percent of all food sales to benefit the family.
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  1. I sure hope somebody does the right thing and comes forward. I knew Dan and he did not deserve that. I hope they catch the bastard that did that to him.

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