Fullerton Police Department Set to Officially Clear Kelly Thomas' Name Over A Year After His Beating Death

Ron Thomas is claiming another victory for his son Kelly who died following a merciless police beating last year at the Fullerton Transportation Center.

In an email sent out to media outlets last night, Thomas said Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes will deliver a statement at next Tuesday's City Council meeting clearing Kelly of any wrongdoing in the encounter that ended with the mentally ill homeless bleeding out in a gutter.

“Over the last three weeks,” Thomas wrote in the email. “Captain Dan Hughes, acting Chief of Police in Fullerton and I have been working on wording that I have now approved as to clearing Kelly's name.”


Kelly was stopped by officers Manuel Ramos and Joe Wolfe on the night of July 5, 2011, after Slidebar Cafe manager Jeanette DeMarco called police to report a man looking into cars and checking door handles. She mentioned the man, who she referred to as Kelly, used to walk around with a hatchet. 
Officers made contact with Kelly and searched his backpack, where they found mail belonging to a nearby attorney. It was later ascertained the mail was removed from a trash can and not stolen, although officers initially said they stopped Thomas because of reports someone was breaking into cars.
Following significant public outrage over perceived attempts by Fullerton police to cover for their own, two of the six officers involved were charged by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas in the death: Manuel Ramos currently faces one count of second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter while Jay Cicinelli faces charges of excessive force and involuntary manslaughter. Ron Thomas has been vocal in his demands that a third officer, Wolfe, also be charged.
In his email Thomas added that another “Bombshell” is on the way. Stay tuned.
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