Fullerton Police Crash Virgin Of Guadalupe Ceremony, Offer No Comment

Mary may be the mother of God, but the Fullerton Police don't  care. That's according to a local resident who said an annual neighborhood event to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mary's mestizo manifestation was rudely crashed by beat cops just after midnight on Monday morning.

Carmen Medellin says she's attended the event, held in a large alley between Topaz and Garnet Lanes in Fullerton for the past four years. The evening begins with people praying near a large shrine dedicated to Guadalupe, who Catholics believe appeared to a peasant named Juan Diego near Mexico City in 1531 (back before she appeared in grilled cheese sandwiches).


The event has gone on for over a decade.  “Everybody is really peaceful,” Medellin said. “I wouldn't stay in a place where there are gang members. It was a family-oriented event.”

A call was placed to Fullerton police spokeshole Andrew Goodrich requesting details of the incident. Goodrich said he would be happy to respond to the question within 10 days if the Weekly submitted its request in writing. Apparently, Fullerton police are a little miffed with our coverage of the recent Kelly Thomas beating. We apologize to our readers, but don't expect us to wait 10 days for processed public relations bullshit.

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