Fullerton Officials: Food Trucks Present Threat to “Public Safety,” Want to Keep Banning Them from Downtown

The Fullerton City Council lifted a ban on the evening operations of food trucks everywhere within its boundaries earlier this month…except the downtown bar and restaurant scene. The reasoning? “There is substantial evidence to show that the operation of food trucks in the Downtown area–when bars are being heavily patronized–leads to greater law enforcement problems,” a summary of a Community Development Department report reads.

The only problem is, no real detailed evidence from Fullerton police was given to truly validate the claim that allowing food trucks in the downtown mix would lead to more vandalism and booze brawls! Annual statistics detailing a downward trend on calls out to incidents? Nah, just take the FPD's word for it!


The real kicker in the adopted ordinance is that the potential 'threat' to public safety is seen to be even more than likely since the number of alcohol licenses issued to establishments since April 2010, when food trucks were banished, has nearly tripled from 30 to 80!

All the absurdity is not lost on Fullerton Rag blogger Matt Leslie who ponders if the rising number of ways to get liquored up and not food trucks that would be allowed to operate between 8 p.m.-5 a.m. around them is where Fullertonians should be focused on.

Now there's a sober thought…

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