Fullerton Gym Sued For Erect Dick & Anal Snake Incident

A female custodian has sued a Fullerton gym for wrongful termination after protesting against a supervisor who allegedly begged for sex, plopped his erect penis on a table and told her a graphic story about a snake invading a woman's anus and exiting through her mouth.

According to the lawsuit filed this week in Orange County Superior Court, Conception Ramirez worked for a decade at Meridian Sports Club, but was fired in August after she complained about the actions of a male supervisor.

Ramirez claims that she suffered sexual harassment and discrimination as well as eight other violations of California civil law.

She also says that she was fired “under false and pretextual reasons”
based on management's desire to retaliate against her for complaining.

On Dec. 27, the state's Department of Fair Employment and Housing reviewed her case and allowed her to file the lawsuit seeking unspecified damages.

The sports club and its–cough, cough–Bodies in Motion business, which is currently offering a $0 initiation fee deal for new customers, has not yet filed a response.

The case has been assigned to Superior Court Judge Gregory Lewis.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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