Paris-based producer Fulgeance is many things—including the harried wrangler of a Tony Clifton-ish electro altar-ego named Peter Digital Orchestra—but the important one here is his alumni status with All City Record’s landmark 7X7 series, which arranged seven experimental beatmakers (like Snowman and Hudson Mohawke) across seven 7”s and snapshotted a particularly blurry and exciting moment in post-Dilla beat deconstruction. Fulgeance brings a bit more of a club influence—something he acknowledges explicitly with concepts-cum-song-titles like “Low Club” and “Smartbanging,” both of which make something unusual out of the usual oof-psh-oof-psh but deploys plenty of sophistication nonetheless. The A-side was called “Revenge of the Nerd” and he meant every word! Performing at Geekdown with well-known local killers Kutmah and Tokimonsta.

Thu., Feb. 25, 9 p.m., 2010

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