Fruity Loops and Fruitier Zoots: Henry’s Original

Saturday mornings in the VanBilliard house growing up were always an event I looked forward to every week. With no chores to do or any deadlines to meet I was free to live my life as I pleased which coincidentally involved hours of television and lots of cereal. Even though I’ve grown up somewhat and I now have an endless amount of chores I still have a small spot in my cold adult heart for those days. That’s why when I saw that my favorite burger gastropub, Carl’s jr. had a promotion for a package of Fruit Loop flavored mini donuts which promised to taste like the real thing I knew nostalgia finally had a price tag and it was less than five dollars.

just trust us.

Henry’s original premium cannabis is grown in Northern California with the philosophy of “going forth and doing as you please” while they, “support your journey with the finest cannabis in hand”. I took it as a cue to get as lifted as possible and eat a little Saturday morning nostalgia at night, but since I don’t have a television at my house I knew the next best place to devour those brightly colored sugar puffs would be my favorite bar. Located off Chapman in Orange, The Pumproom has enough screens to fill a best buy and for some reason the bartenders wear clothes that are usually reserved for sitting poolside or going to bed. I ordered a pitcher of their coldest/weakest beer and settled into a corner to devour my shameful treats.

Henry’s “flight pack”

The donuts were great, I’m not sure what sorcery they used to make them taste so good but maybe, just maybe, those brilliant food scientists took a lesson from Henry’s because the carefully crafted flowers I had chosen to pair with my sugary meal was perfect. Each snow capped nug glistened under the steady glow of the screens and my beer helped wash it all down. Weighing in at 17% THC Henry’s “Spyrock OG” hybrid flowers will have you racing, albeit slowly, to the nearest counter selling something edible. Perfect for patients looking to induce hunger as well as ease any chronic muscle pains be sure to checkout to find a storefront near you. Also, do yourself a favor and try the donuts. They’re delicious.

just like mom used to make…

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