Frosé All-Day at Broadway By Amar Santana, Our Drink of the Week!

Now that the heat of summer is turning over to the Santa Ana winds of fall, we’re looking for ways to cool off and what better way than sipping on cocktails at Broadway By Amar Santana? In addition to his ever-exceptional seasonal offerings are Gabrielle Dion’s standout craft cocktail pairings. This summer, she offered the Frosé All-Day.

The vibrant drink incorporates salmon-pink Blackbird Rosé complemented with Cappelletti Aperitivo, an herbaceous mixer with a touch of citrus, bitter undertones and a wonderful dry finish. Add strawberry-rhubarb jam and fragrant grapefruit oils, and the result is full of berry flavor — crisp and refreshing. What made this sipper even more enjoyable was the lady next to me wearing an “Impeach Trump” button—cheers to that!

Broadway By Amar Santana, 328 Glenneyre St., Laguna Beach, (949) 715-8234;

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