Frooty Loopys, KIVA Bar and Disposable Vape Pen, Our Tokes of the Week!

Items: Frooty Loopys 400mg THC  $10
            KIVA Bar 60mg CBD 60mg THC $10
            Disposable Vape Pen by CLEAR .5g $25

Dispensary: The JOINT 1325 East St Andrew Place,Santa Ana CA 92705

As I shop the dispensaries in SanTana (the legal ones, of course) I see more and more cool items that I think you might enjoy. These are times of opportunity for the cannabis entrepreneur, and we, the consumers, will only benefit from the variety of products that are becoming available. It’s good to switch things up a bit, smoke a joint one day, vape the next and try an edible once and awhile. 

Frooty Loopys is a small container totaling 400mg of THC for $10. A perfect snack while you watch GoT, Veep and Silicon Valley, in that order. By the time Silicon Valley came on I couldn’t care less what those nerds were up to. I like this product because you could really gauge your high. The Frooty Loopys are so small and as you eat one, then two and so forth as your high escalates you can either get just high enough to feel silly and relax or keep munching and “kiss the sky” but Do Not operate heavy machinery!

KIVA Bar 60mg CBD 60mg THC $10. I love chocolate! This is a very tasty dark chocolate bar that happens to have CBD and THC, perfect for a nightcap. That’s because the CBD is going to knock you out! CBD is the medicinal component of the cannabis plant and as a stage four cancer survivor I always look for any product high in CBD. It’s meant to relax you, so if you are suffering from anxiety or stress, this is perfect for you. I ate a piece in the afternoon and it put me in nap mode which is a good thing. It’s pre-divided into four parts and I recommend you eat one part and wait before indulging in another piece. 

I bought the disposable vape pen about three weeks ago and it’s still vaping! It’s high quality pen that works by just inhaling, you don’t have to push a button to use it, right out of the box you can vape. It’s made by THCLEARCO and has a small window so you can see how much oil is left. They come in indica, sativa and hybrid. I have the White Fire Tangerine which is very pleasant tasting and produces a strong high. I’m going to hate to throw this high quality pen away. *Sad face emoji*

The JOINT is located at 1325 E. St. Andrew Place, Santa Ana, (714) 845-3420

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