From Roach Stones to a Stoner Coloring Book, Here’s Your 4/20 Gift Guide

Happy 4/20, ganja-lovin’ frienderinos! There’s weed in almost everything now—from wine to Hot Cheetos to tea—and YouTube tutorials can teach how to make a bong out of almost anything. What a time to be alive!

Here at Weekly World Headquarters, we’re not rolling joints at the office per se, but we have launched PotPlus (, a site devoted to everything cannabis. Check in for marijuana news; product reviews; profiles of activists, entrepreneurs and patients; and much, much more.

Want to make the most out of 4/20 or treat your favorite stoner friend? Here’s the perfect gift guide:

Wake and Bake Mug: Sorry, Folgers, but this Wake and Bake mug lets you know what’s really the best part of waking up. The ceramic, appropriately green mug allows you to not only drink your coffee, but also bake away, with a built-in pipe in which to stick your nugs. Available at Deelux, 209 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, (714) 760-4801;

Roach Stones: The worst thing about smoking blunts is trying to finish one to the very end while not burning your fingers or lips. Roach Stones are made from real, smoothed stone and are handier and more helpful than regular clips; just insert through one end and smoke out the hole in the other. Available via

Stoner’s Coloring Book: Adult coloring books have been around awhile; creator Jared Hoffman just ups the ante. Nine different artists provided more than 40 illustrations, ranging from nature and animals to erratic shapes and designs to intricately detailed, endless mazes. It’s time to test the theory of creating under the influence! Also available at Deelux.

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