From Burned Boy to Burned Investor (Allegedly)

KNBC/Channel 4 reports that 28-year-old Dave Dave–who when he was age 6 and known as David Rothenberg had 90 percent of his body burned after his father Charles Rothenberg doused him with kerosene in a Buena Park motel–is suing for fraud a man he met at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. In his lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Dave alleges a man named Darnello Jackson and his fiance, Shanielle Gardner, tricked him into transferring ownership of a condominium in the 400 block of Tamarack Avenue in Ingelwood in April. The plaintiff is asking that the transfer to Darnello Jackson–who Dave's attorney claims falsely passed himself as Michael Jackson's cousin–be declared void, and that he also be awarded unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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