Frog House Surf Shop Saved: Report

The legendary Frog House surf shop in Newport Beach has apparently been saved.

“Frog House owner T.K. Brimer and Newport Councilman Steve Rosansky,
whose district includes the surf shop, both said today that Brimer can
request a zoning change from the city that likely would be granted and
allow the shop to operate indefinitely,” veteran OC journo Roger Bloom writes on something called

(Note to Rog: sorry to refer to the site that way; the “About” page says “coming soon.”)

The shop on PCH in Newport Shores was targeted for closure because zoning changes passed in the 1970s deemed the area residential-only. Three other buildings were also endangered.

Bloom quotes Rosansky and City Manager David Kiff on the record and other officials off the record agreeing that if the Frog House goes to the Planning Commission and City Council with a zone-change request, it will be approved.

It was the second biggest news of the week for the Frog House, after being named Best Surf Shop in the Weekly's Best of OC edition. (A boy can dream, can't he?)

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