Free Walking Tour of Huntington Beach Wetlands

Huntington Beach wetlands. Photo courtesy OC Coastkeeper

As late as the 1800s, the area now known as the Huntington Beach wetlands comprised about 3,000 acres. But industrialization and land development over the last century has reduced those wetlands to less than 200 acres, according to the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy. Somehow, the endangered least tern still has a nesting site at the wetlands, which makes the wetlands even more necessary to preserve.

This Saturday, Nov. 23, Ray Hiemstra of Orange County Coastkeeper and Ginny Heringer and Julie Garner of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter will lead an easy, three-hour walking tour of the wetlands to community members who want to learn more about what makes the wetlands so beautiful and important.

During the tour, Hiemstra and Heringer will discuss the ecology of the wetlands, including the animal and plant species that live there, like the least tern. They will also talk about problems associated with the ASCON toxic waste dump, proposed Poseidon desalination plant and the AES power plant–all of which sit near the wetlands.

The walk will start at 9 a.m. at the corner of Magnolia Street and Banning Street in Huntington Beach. Free street parking is available on Magnolia Street and adjacent streets. Bring water and wear sneakers. No RSVP is necessary.

3 Replies to “Free Walking Tour of Huntington Beach Wetlands”

  1. The proposed Poseidon desalination plant Will Put
    the Finishing Touch on Destroying what´s left along with
    helping to Ruin Our oceans.
    But the Huntington Beach Criminal Parasites along with their
    Crime Partners could Care Less as Long as they Bring in
    The $$$$ to Cover their Tails, IGG´s ( ill Gotten Gains ) and Pensions
    As Big Trouble is coming to Orange County and Their Way.

    These Crooks Sold the Sheeple and Good People Out Long Ago.
    The People Must pay for Damage Done, NOT Them.
    So They Think…

    Watch and See.

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