Free Ticket Tuesday: JEFF the Brotherhood at Alex's Bar, Oct. 19

Although mustachioed fuzz rock revival bands are as commonplace nowadays as black light posters and dirty bong water, every now and then we hear a group of slackers that restore our faith in the four-chord riff. Yeah, you could liken the music of JEFF the Brotherhood to the act of a caveman chiseling a large rock into a Flintstones tire. But the heavy, primitive nature of this sibling duo from Nashville, Tenn. is just a cover for some of the most fun, lighthearted dream pop we've heard so far this year (check out their song “Sixpack” and instantly remember what summer feels like).

Over the last year, the band rocketed out of their local basement show scene, toured the world and became pals with Dan Auerbach of that slightly more well-known, stripped down rock duo the Black Keys. After appropriately taking them under his wing, Auerbach lent his producer chops to their Warner Brothers/Infinity Cat Recordings offering, Hypnotic Nights. There, you'll find all the Sonic Youth-ish, Melvins-esque, Husker Du-y stoner jams you can stomach (and the guitarist only plays with three strings! Wooaaahhh!)

On Friday, brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall roll into Long Beach inside a van with cloudy windows to take over Alex's Bar. They'll be playing along side a couple other heavy hitters: Nashville band Diarrhea Planet (we're guessing they're number two on the lineup) and Fullerton garage punk faves The Audacity. If you're looking to get into this event and spare yourself and a friend a hard-earned $10, we've got an option for you. Yes, we'd love it if you followed us after the jump to find out more.

Since we're doing a guest list format this time around, we're able to get THREE winners into the show for free. Each winner will get a to bring ONE guest.

 All you have to do to win tickets is leave us a message on Heard
Mentality's Twitter (@ocweeklymusic) and/or Facebook with your name and
email address. Winners will be notified Thursday afternoon. Your names will be added to our guest list at the door. And since you future winners aren't going to be sweating the line to get in, you'll have more time to chill in your car in the parking lot and do…whatever it is you do.

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