Free the Robots Headlines Diverse LBC Show

Looking for something to do in LBC this Thursday? Look no further, turntable master and producer extraordinaire Free the Robots is doing his thing at the Federal Underground Thursday night.


If you're not familiar with the Low End Theory regular, prepare to have your mind expanded by a funky psychedelic DJ set that'll sound just a little like a Super Nintendo started taking hallucinogens with a bunch of jazz musicians and rappers.

It's a set you won't see too often around here, and it's not one you'll want to miss if you're a fan of experimental hip-hop. Of course, the show isn't just about the main event, there are three solid openers, all members of the ever-growing LBC music scene.

Via Leaves (the house band for LBC Fight Club) is as diverse of a jazz-based group as you'll see in SoCal, while the soulful Bootleg Orchestra brings vibes of their own. The colorful lineup is rounded out with Bobby Blunders, an indie band with touches of soul all their own.

Don't fret if you don't know the music, the entire show is sure to be more about the feeling than any individual song. Those with an open mind will almost definitely find something to like of the four performers, and if you're already a fan of one, another might tickle your fancy just as well.

The show costs $7 and begins at 8 p.m., more information is available through the Society for Long Beach Music and Falling Mirrors Collective.

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