Free Shrimp at Panda Express Tomorrow Today (Wednesday)

Have you noticed  that every time Panda Express introduces a new dish,
they give it away first? You could almost call it the pusher
business model: let them have the first hit free, and they'll come back
for more.

They've done it for every recent product launch I can
recall. From the Honey Walnut Shrimp to their most recent Firecracker
Chicken, which happened to coincide with Chinese New Year earlier this
year, the ubiquitous Chinese food chain has offered coupons for a
sample of what's new in their chafing trays on one chosen day.

new Green Peppercorn Shrimp will also be offered as a freebie tomorrow.
With this coupon, a serving of the marinated shrimp, asparagus, onions
and red bell peppers is gratis.

It must be noted that it is also shrimp, which nicely coincides with the
fact that tomorrow is also Ash Wednesday. How convenient!

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