Free Donuts at Donut Bar Grand Opening Saturday in Fountain Valley

Donut Bar, which is officially titled “Orange County's Donut Bar” since the original in San Diego is called “San Diego's Donut Bar”, has been in soft opening mode in Fountain Valley.

They offer the same, constantly updated donut menu that changes daily. Some of the flavors offered: Samoa, which is inspired by the Girl Scout Cookie; Strawberry Split; Nutella; Boston Creme; and Cake Batter. And of course they have their version of the cronut, which are called CroBars and exist in its own assortment of flavors.


Tomorrow, Saturday, they hold their official grand opening and they've posted this on their Facebook:

As many of you already know we celebrate BIG, & we love to give away donuts!! This Saturday 03/29! Who are you bringing??!!

You should probably get in line, like, now.

18011 Newhope St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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